PM Uday Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Uday Yojna is a recently announced plan of the central government to authorize the illegal colonies of Delhi. As per the estimations, more than 40 lakhs of the local population of Delhi live in unauthorized colonies. These people have been living there for many years; however, they do not have any documental proof and ownership rights. What makes things difficult for them is not being able to sell, rent, or loan these houses— built over the land of the Indian government.  

It is indeed news of Uday for many. No one thought that government would allow its people to use these unauthorized lands for a minimal fee. However, the Modi government has announced it, and you can now apply for the registration of the PM Uday scheme. 

But, for the local populace, it is a bit confusing thing to grasp its procedure. To make things easier for you, we have come up with an article. This written piece will cover many baffling aspects of the PM Uday scheme and PM Uday unauthorized colony registration process. Once you go through these paragraphs, you will have a fair idea of— how to fill the PM Uday scheme form and complete the PM Uday unauthorized colony registration process? So, without further ado, let us dive into this scheme. 

What is PM Uday Scheme? 

Before we get into its process, let us concise the above discussion. What is PM UdayYojna scheme? The answer is simple: PM Uday scheme is a recently announced online registration process; through this, many unauthorized colonies of Delhi will come under the registration process with a minimal fee. People living in these colonies can have ownership rights, and they will be able to use it for any legally allowed purposes. 

As per the reports, over 2.9 citizens have applied for this initiative so far. It seems as if the locals of Delhi were eagerly waiting for this announcement. Many nationals of India have praised this move of the central government and are hopeful that the illegal properties of Delhi will now finally have authorized owners. 

However, this scheme is only limited to the illegal colonies of Delhi for now. We may see such initiatives of authorization for other cities in the future, but currently, it is only for the locals of Delhi. 

A scheme that will provide home, dignity, and security to 40 Lakh people 

A four-wall home is a place that brings a sense of security and dignity for all human beings. People living in unauthorized colonies of Delhi had lived for a long time without dignity and security. This scheme will bring positivity and a sense of security to 40 lakh people, for sure!

It is a move to purely grand rights to the economically unstable families. The Modi government did not allow 69 unauthorized colonies built over the forest land. These unapproved colonies are also known as the ‘Affluent colonies.’ That proves the motive behind this move initiate by PM Modi: to allow the roof of relief over poor people.

Besides, the central government is also charging only 0.5% of the circle rate. These charges will be for the houses or plots having 100 square meter area. These people living in compartments or owning a small piece of land (100 sqmt) can avail themselves of this opportunity.

This step is recognized and praised by many citizens, and they believe the scheme would move in a speedy online process.

An online scheme that would ensure a speedy registration process

There is only one issue in most government schemes like this: the process is slower and takes more time. However, the BJP government, while keeping the Covid conditions and overall pace of the government processes, has made this scheme 100% online. That means people can fill out the form and complete their registration for the PM Uday scheme with ease.

Moreover, timely tracking of the PM Uday scheme application status, PM Uday help desks, and PM Uday cell keep people up to date in the step by step procedure. That will not only increase the pace of the PM Uday registration process but will also ensure transparency.

Making the whole procedure internet-based is a wise and useful move by the Modi-led Indian government. However, you can call the PM Uday DDA helpline number or PM UDay helpline number for any queries regarding the process.

How to fill PM Uday Form? 

You might ask regarding the registration process once you know about the PM UdayYojna scheme and its purpose. So, it brings us to the second question, how to fill the PM Uday form? To find an answer to this question, you must go through the following steps:

Step # 1

PM Uday registration process starts when you visit the PM Uday portal site. Once you go to the page, you will find the ‘Registration’ option. You can initiate the process to make your property as authorized by clicking the mentioned button.

Step # 2

As you click the ‘Registration,’ the site will lead you to the PM Uday registration form. This form requires some information related to the applicants, such as Name, Colony Address, District, Mobile Number, etc. Some of the particulars in the registration form are mandatory. You cannot skip these blocks, having a red steric sign. However, there are some blocks with optional details. You can complete the form even by not filling in the details in those blocks.

Step # 3

As you complete the second step, a receipt of acknowledgment will be visible to you. This receipt will contain your PM Uday Registration Number. Along with this, it will also possess some details regarding the PM Uday GIS survey team of your area. You should keep this receipt safe so that you could use it for the further steps in the PM Uday registration form.

Step # 4

The PM Uday scheme is a joint venture of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the local government of Delhi. DDA has assigned three agencies to validate the geographical coordinates of your mentioned land or house.

Once you complete the initial stage of filling the PM Uday registration form, any of the assigned DDA teams will visit your location. They will do measurements to validate your claim regarding the unauthorized property. The list of these agencies is available on the official website of DDA.

This visiting group will then confirm the geo-coordinates of your property and upload data on the portal. After that, you’ll get the PM UdayGIS number via your mobile phone number or email address. It is pertinent to mention that you’ll get your GIS survey details by providing your mobile number on the DDA site.

Step # 5

Once you attain GIS survey details, you will then be eligible to proceed further. The next step would be to log in to your PM Uday online registration account and click on ‘File Application.’ Once you do that, you will then need to provide your cell number again. This time, the site will generate an OTP, and you can move to this step by adding the OTP number.

Step # 6

The next step is related to the File Application process. First of all, you need to gather the required documents. Now, what are these required pieces of paper? No need to worry; we have checked the list of documents, and we are sharing it with you as under:

  • GPA- General Power Attorney;
  • ATS- Agreement to Sale;
  • Payment Receipt
  • Possession Latter
  • WILL
  • Property /House Photograph
  • Electricity Bill –Floor Wise
  • Owner of the Property Signature
  • Owner of the Property Photo
  • PM Uday GIS Number
  • Proper Previous Chain Papers
  • Owner of the Property PAN Card
  • Owner of the Property Aadhar Card
  • Mail Id and Mobile No

Undertaking forms as per DDA format:

  • As per DDA Format Given Affidavit, Bond-I, II, Undertaking
  • DDA Format Bond-I on 100 Rupees Stamp Paper
  • DDA Format Bond-II on 100 Rupees Stamp Paper
  • DDA Format Undertaking on 10 Rupees Stamp Paper
  • DDA Format Affidavit on 10 Rupees Stamp Paper

However, if you are in between the process and have not completed it yet, you can save it in the draft. This draft option will allow you to continue your PM Uday online registration process by just logging into your account.

Step # 7

Having filled in all the information and uploading all the necessary documents, you can then submit the PM Uday registration form. You should also upload your signature file along with other documents. After doing so, you should print the submitted application form and keep it safe for further process. You can check your status in the PM Uday list of unauthorized colonies to track your location.

That is how the process of filling the PM Uday scheme form will end. However, if you have committed any mistakes or have provided wrong information mistakenly, you can also edit your PM Uday registration form. To do so, you’ll have to follow the procedure mentioned below:

How to edit the PM Uday registration form? 

PM Uday registration process consists of two major stages. Initially, you will fill out the form, and then you proceed to the document submission and fee payment. To edit the PM Uday registration form, you will have to log in to your PM Uday account and find the ‘Draft’ option. In the draft option, you will be able to rectify any mistakes. However, once you submit the form, you will not be able to edit it afterward.

So, the bottom line is, you should fill out all the necessary information yourself. While doing that, be careful and attentive, as any mistake may cause great concern for you in the whole process.